August 31, 2007

Book Review - The Terrorist Conjunction

What influences your understanding or fear of terrorism? Have you ever considered what makes people act in ways that others would classify as terrorism?

The Terrorist Conjunction: The United States, the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, and al-Qa'ida
Alfred G. Gerteiny
HV 6431 .G47 2007

Gerteiny, a teacher on the Middle East, has combined his academic training and years of introspection on this subject in writing this book. He begins with an analysis of power, political legitimacy, and the role of violence within political entities. With this grounding, he dedicates the bulk of this work to the examination of terrorism--the organization and philosophies of terrorist groups and their relationship to the state. He looks more closely at Islamic terrorist groups and delves deeply into the role of terrorism in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. He also probes the relationship that has developed between the United States and terrorism. This book is extensively footnoted and the author offers a bibliography of scholarly sources that have helped to inform his understanding on this subject.