August 30, 2007

Book Review - Communicating Nature

How do you think about the environment around you? Have you noticed how others use nature or environmental ideas as they communicate with you?

Communicating Nature: How We Create and Understand Environmental Messages
Julia B. Corbett
GF 75 .C697 2006

Julia Corbett examines how attitudes toward and images of the environment are created and reinforced. She considers environmental beliefs that are formed during childhood as well as those that are promulgated and influenced by activist groups of all sorts. The majority of her book, however, addresses how these ideas are translated into behaviors and actions. Among these, she analyzes consumer behavior and the use of nature in advertising, leisure time, including both vacation time and associations with animals, and communication, especially the way that news organs and political groups relate to the environment or use it as a message to carry other beliefs and opinions. This "eyes open" study will give you a new appreciation for the role that nature plays in your everyday life.