August 10, 2007

Book Review - Marketing Green Buildings

Environmentally conscious, or "green" building is all the rage right now. This book is intended not as a definition of green building nor a guide to how to building in environmentally aware ways, but rather for service providers--engineers, architects, construction services, and manufacturers--to guide them in marketing their products and services to this market segment.

Marketing Green Buildings: Guide for Engineering, Construction and Architecture
Jerry Yudelson
HF 5413 .Y83 2006

The preface of this book states that it is intended to be read from cover to cover. However, Yudelson is conscious that not every reader will take the time to read the entire thing. With that in mind, he organizes a number of his chapters into marketing strategies for specific groups of product or service providers. He dedicates others to understanding the market surrounding green building, including the clients that are interested in the movement and differentiation of being "green" from the standard sectors of the architecture and construction arena.