August 6, 2007

Book Revew - Adapting Buildings and Cities for Climate Change

The homes that we live in are a source of interest for many architects and environmentalists. While little agreement has been reached by this academic discussion yet, many are suggesting adopting "Green" building practices.

Adapting Buildings and Cities for Climate Change: A 21st Century Survival Guide
Sue Roaf, David Crichton, and Fergus Nicol
NA 2541.R63 2005

Academics Roaf and Nicol, along with Crichton, a consultant on insurance issues, assert that we are experiencing dramatic climate change and that its impacts on humankind will be far worse than we currently expect. They assert that current building practices, particularly those of cities, will not offer people enough protection as weather continues to worsen. They assert the need to drastically reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and emissions of gases when we build, opting instead for clean, renewable energy sources and "resilient," "low-impact" buildings that are environmentally sustainable.