August 27, 2007

Book Review - Coastal Environment

Do you think that all coastal areas are comprised of sandy beaches? This book looks at marshes and wetlands, coastal sediment regions, and other coastal areas.

Coastal Environment: Environmental Problems in Coastal Regions IV
edited by C.A. Brebbia
GB 450.2 .C597 2002

This book examines environmental issues caused by human activities as well as problems caused by nature itself. A few of the chapters address the well being of plants and animals living in coastal zones, but far more of them are concerned with the health of the land or water itself. Toxicity is one major theme, including the effects of oil spills and chemicals dumped into local waters. Another focus is erosion, both the removal of coastal land by tides and coastal winds, but also the depositing of sediment and how it changes the character of the coast. Hydrodynamics are considered throughout many studies, showing effects on weather, water temperature, and wave behavior. Considerable studies also examine pollution, both in coastal waters and in the air.