August 13, 2007

Book Review - Stream Hydrology

Have you ever wondered how healthy the environment around you might be? This book will help you get started with your investigation by pointing out what issues to consider.

Stream Hydrology: An Introduction for Ecologists
Nancy D. Gordon and others
2nd ed.
GB 1205 .G65 2004

This book, intended for ecologists, is easily understandable by anyone with a science background. It begins with discussions of water's physical properties, biological criteria for studying water bodies, statistical methods that might be used, and possible sources of data. Subsequent chapters delve deeper into these issues by focusing on specific characteristics of streams. The final chapter explains how to assess all that you have learned to come up with an evaluation of the environmental health of the stream being studied. The narrow topical focus of this book makes it appropriate for water researchers and environmental experts, but the clear progression of thought that is shown by the book's careful organization makes it an appropriate text for novices in this field as well.