September 4, 2007

Book Review - The Great Lakes Water Wars

In the past few years we've seen an increasing number of conflicts over water. Since it covers over half of the earth's surface, what could possibly make water so contentious?

The Great Lakes Water Wars
Peter Annin
HD 1695 .G69 A56 2006

A note from author Peter Annin opens this book. He states that rather than discussing the history of armed conflicts on the Great Lakes, he instead plans to focus on the growing confusion and debate surrounding water use rights in that area. Annin's study focuses around a plan put forward by the American Governers and Canadian Premiers of the territories bordering the five Great Lakes, as well as the history of water use in the region that leads up to it. This plan is designed to protect the waters within these lakes from diversion and overuse. However, it has raised emotions and caused confusion among many, making his analogy to a war quite appropriate. His book is organized to describe the situation and the history behind its development, the "battle lines" and "skirmishes" that have already broken out in this conflict, and the current state of agreement in the Water Resources Development Act as well as lines of continuing discussion.