September 4, 2007

Book Review - Understanding & Managing Public Organizations

Organizations are dynamic, and therefore require that their structure and management be changing constantly. How does this apply specifically to governemental and non-profit organizations?

Understanding and Managing Public Organizations
Hal G. Rainey
JF 1351 .R27 2003

This textbook-like study takes an academic approach to the examination of public, particularly governmental organizations. Rainey first sets out to explain what makes this kind of organizations distinctive, the effects that they can exert, and the role that political power can play when exerted on them. He then dissects organizations and their management into key components, analyzing how goals are set, decisions are made, the organization is structured and how it communicates. He also looks at human factors within these organizations, including what motivates people to work in government, how these attitudes translate into work ethic, the roles of leaders, managers, organizational culture, and teamwork. Finally, he puts forward strategies for organizational change, development and improvement.