September 21, 2007

Book Review - Security

How safe is your home or office?

Security Risk Assessment and Management: A Professional Practice Guide for Protecting Buildings and Infrastructures
Betty E. Bringer, Rudolph V. Matalucci and Sharon L. O'Connor
TH 9705 .B75 2007

Electronic Security Systems: A Manager's Guide to Evaluating and Selecting System Solutions
Robert L. Pearson
TH 9737 .P43 2007

These two books complement one another. Bringer, Matalucci, and O'Connor's work evaluates and characterizes buildings, determining their overall security risk and identifying specific weaknesses. They address how to reduce security risks and evaluate the effects of these actions on the people and work which occurs within. Included here is an example of how to put the theories and ideas discussed into practice.

Pearson's work picks up where the other authors left off. Pearson analyzes numerous security systems and access control methods, identifying the strengths, weaknesses, and potential uses of each. Some of the methods investigated include biometrics, wireless systems, security databases and others. Chapters near the end discuss testing, maintenance, and recent trends along with providing recommendations, tips, and discussions of how security personnel are involved with electronic systems.