January 26, 2010

Organization Diagnosis, Design, and Transformation

The Baldridge Criteria for Performance Excellence was created by a law passed during the Ronald Reagan administration with the intention of improving the quality and productivity of American companies. Today, the Baldridge model is used by organizations of all sorts, both for profit and not for profit, inside and outside the United States. Trends among organizations who have won Baldridge awards support the conclusion that companies who perform well according to the Baldridge model also have improved financial performance. This 4th edition of the Baldridge users guide shows how to apply the model to determine what is relevant and important to an organization, how its processes relate to the current results, and how the processes may be redesigned to improve the organization. This is a classic text on organizational assessment and improvement.

This book can be found in HECSA Library:

Organization Diagnosis, Design, and Transformation
John Latham and John Vinyard
HD 62.15 .L38 2010