January 5, 2010

Leading the Leaders for the Future

This book challenges the way teachers are preparing their students to be leaders in the future. The authors assert that the world is changing rapidly, and that the old approaches to education are no longer sufficient to prepare students for the uncertain world that they will face. Bosher and Hazlewood assert that students need to have confidence in their ability to learn, be able to think independently, and to be able to respond to challenges without being afraid. In order to reach this goal, they assert that schools will need to be educating their students differently and to do so, must also be organized and managed differently. They propose that schools must develop leadership--faculty must serve as leaders and also work toward developing leadership capabilities within their students. The authors offer a thought-provoking suggestion for preparing for our future.

This book can be found in HECSA Library:

Leading the Leaders for the Future: A Transformational Opportunity
Mike Bosher and Patrick Hazlewood
LB 2900.5 .B67 2008