June 10, 2009

Writing for the Technical Professions

This comprehensive guide for those in technical professions addresses how to communicate in writing. Interpreted broadly, this book begins with the research process, discussing how to find and evaluate source materials, organize information, and present it in an organized manner. It discusses choosing appropriate charts and graphs, using technologies such as PowerPoint, and appropriately pacing the presentation of information. The book also discusses at length many text-based communication formats including memos and e-mail, policies and procedures, abstracts and summaries, technical reports, project proposals, websites, and newsletters. Final chapters discuss how to communicate with professional audiences through presentations and job application materials. This book has a simple, straightforward style which will appeal to new scholars, but has a rich depth of information which will be valuable to experienced professionals as well.

This book can be found in HECSA Library:

Writing for the Technical Professions
4th ed
Kristin R. Woolever
PE 1475 .W66 2008