June 25, 2009

Natural Climate Variability and Global Warming

An ever increasing body of scientific data points to the role of greenhouse gasses in causing global warming. However, it is also true that our planet's climate system has inherent variation. In order for scientists to accurately predict the timelines and effects of global warming, both of these factors must be taken into account. This is the first scientific study that discusses both greenhouse gasses and natural climate variation's contribution to global warming. It uses models of the past, particularly those of the later part of the Holocene era. It is hoped that these new models will enable researchers to better explain the current changes being observed in ecosystems and to predict what may happen as a result of global warming.

This book can be found in HECSA Library:

Natural Climate Variablity and Global Warming: A Holocene Perspective
ed by Richard W. Battarbee and Heather A. Binney
QC 884.2 .C5 N38 2008