February 4, 2010

Green Design

This is a survey of innovative products and design strategies that address immediate concerns about global warming and use of environmentally sensitive materials. At the same time, these products also highlight creativity and vision, looking toward a sustainable future where technology and ethics overlap. Many areas of home design are included. Architectural design and interior spaces are recognized. Products and materials used within the home--including textiles and other finishes--are highlighted. Furniture and home goods such as dishes, linens, and other items are featured. Innovative technologies used in the building and operation of the home are also surveyed. Finally, sustainable transportation designs to and from residential and commercial spaces are envisioned. This book offers beautiful images and recognizes the award-winning innovations of many environmentally conscientious designers.

This book can be found in HECSA Library:

Green Design: Creative Sustainable Designs for the Twenty-First Century
Marcus Fairs
NK 1520 .F35 2009