March 13, 2009

The Trophy Kids Grow Up

Those born between 1980 and 2001 are often called the Millennial Generation. The first of this group are now entering the workforce, creating some of the biggest management challenges for employers that have been seen since the baby-boom. Told from the perspective of the millennials themselves, as well as through the voices of their parents teachers, and workplace recruiters and supervisors, this book paints a picture of what this generation is like. They are described as hard working and achievement oriented, but lacking in independence. They like the flexibility of working virtually, but want rules and responsibilities to be stated explicitly. They are demanding and believe that everything is all about them, yet, they are philanthropic, giving, and civic minded. This book helps employers to understand these new workers. It suggests how to recruit and retain their skills to the workplace. It also discusses their home life and relationship to their parents, who unlike previous generations, remain an active component of their adult children's lives.

This book can be found in HECSA Library:

The Trophy Kids Grow Up: How the Millenial Generation is Shaking Up the Workplace
Ron Alsop
HD 6270 .A44 2008