February 3, 2009

Leading with Kindness

Frequently, people who are kind are assumed to be weak. In the business world, people who are kind are stereotypically believed to be too timid to be effective, not tough enough to take criticism, not sufficiently knowledgeable, or unable to persuade others. Baker and O'Malley assert that quite the opposite is, in fact, true--that kindness is an important trait of effective leaders. They believe that kindness has six ingredients--compassion, integrity, gratitude, authenticity, humility, and humor--and explain how these traits can be learned. Obstacles to each of these components are pointed out, and the authors explain how leaders can change and grow beyond their own seeming limitations to inspire and develop others.

This book can be found in HECSA Library:

Leading with Kindness: How Good People Consistently Get Superior Results
William F. Baker and Michael O'Malley
HD 57.7 .B3475 2008