February 6, 2009

Conservation and Sustainability in Historic Cities

This book seeks to relate the concepts of conservation and sustainability in the context of urban architecture. Conservation, particularly in urban areas, has been growing since the 1960's. The idea of sustainable development took hold in the 1980's and has become one of the primary design and construction agendas since. These ideas are always discussed separately, though--conservation in relation to preserving old buildings and sustainable design in the context of building new ones with less environmental impact. This book shows the relationships between these concepts as they apply to historic cities. Using examples from cities across Europe, Rodwell demonstrates how conservation of old architectural structures is taking place along side the thoughtful design and building of new ones, resulting in cities and towns that have similar architectural features, visually pleasing consistency, and modern livability, yet retain their notable historic landmarks. This book is not only an interesting read, but it is full of photographs that illustrate points that the author makes throughout the text.

This book can be found in HECSA Library:

Conservation and Sustainability in Historic Cities
Dennis Rodwell
NA 105 .R65 2007