February 27, 2009

America's Army

Both the public and many scholars assert that both federal and international efforts such as peacekeeping efforts and disaster management have been failures because agencies and governments fail to cooperate. In this book, retired BG Bradford and LTG Brown propose that the U.S. Army be used as a model for improvement and interagency cooperation. They portray the Army as a "constantly evolving learning organization." By carefully selecting and adacpting specific programs and procedures, they explain that since the Vietnam War, the Army has improved its ability to meet its daily demands and execute its missions. This has enabled the Army to take the lead in international cooperation efforts, the war on terrorism, and in stabilization and development efforts around the world.

This book can be found in HECSA Library:

America's Army: A Model for Interagency Effectiveness
Zeb B. Bradford, Jr., and Frederic J. Brown
UA 25 .B64 2008