February 4, 2009

Everyday Negotiation

This book, originally titled Shadow Negotiation, provided lessons learned from interviewing numerous women about their negotiation strategies, techniques, successes, and failures. However, many of these lessons were believed to be universal, as applicable to men as to women. In this new edition, Kolb and Williams expand their earlier research, building skills so that people can recognize the agendas that are hidden in everyday negotiations. In part one, they discuss how to advocate effectively for yourself, making strategic moves and decisions and avoiding rising to the bait that others might put out. In part two, they offer strategies to build collaborative relationships, a process that they believe occurs in discrete steps. In part three, they describe how to balance advocacy with relationships in order to come to agreements and negotiate change. Kolb and Williams skillfully use anecdotes and personal stories throughout their narrative, making this process seem natural, with one part building on another.

This book can be found in HECSA Library:

Everyday Negotiation: Navigating the Hidden Agendas in Bargaining
Deborah M. Kolb and Judith Williams
BF 637 .N4 K655 2003