May 11, 2010

Political Reconciliation in Africa

This book is written about the intersection between the justice required as states undergo political transitions and the peace building process which must occur to create social order within the state. Villa-Vicencio calls this intersection "political reconciliation" by which he describes a time when justice has been served and former enemies are able to come to terms with one another within a new social and political framwork. A native of South Africa, he brings to his writing the perspective of growing up within a culture of Apartheid, but fighting against that system the more he became educated and saw the devastating effects of it on his country's people. He highlights the processes by which different African nations are looking for peace, the reconciliation practices that are traditional throughout the continent, and why he believes that reconciliation is so important for moving forward.

This book can be found in HECSA Library:

Political Reconciliation in Africa: Walk with Us and Listen
Charles Villa-Vicencio
JZ 5584 .A35 V55 2009