May 21, 2010

American Soldiers in Iraq

Ender provides a window into the American Army and the culture of soldiers during war. Voicing the experience of soldiers, it provides insight into the experiences and attitudes of the military during their forward deployment in Iraq. Ender collected both quantitative and qualitative information from various groups of soldiers in Iraq, comparing and contrasting the groups between themselves and separating the views of officers from those of enlisted soldiers. He captures opinions on morale, boredom, preparation for war, women soldiers, communication back home, overlap of civil and military responsibilities, long-term impacts of war, and the impact of injuries and loss of life. This book captures the opinions and experiences of a broad range of the military during wartime in a way that has not been addressed before, and as such, is essential reading for commanders, students, and anyone who wants to understand the experience of soldiers in a warzone.

This book can be found in HECSA Library:

American Soldiers in Iraq: McSoldiers or Innovative Professionals?
Morten G. Ender
DS 79.76 .E526 2009