December 22, 2009

Trade Off

In this time of economic crisis, many people are looking toward businesses to lead us out of it and to develop good leaders for the future. Sobel Lojeski asserts, however, that most people believe that we are in a leadership crisis as well as an economic crisis and that business executives are unprepared to be the leaders that we need to move into the future. She argues that the digital age has brought with it new expectations about performance, behavior, innovation, and other factors that impact the bottom line of corporations as well as the popularity and success of political administrations. Building on her earlier work defining the concept of Virtual Distance, she proposes that leadership models and characteristics must also be adjusted to better prepare companies for competition in the digital marketplace and for leaders of increasingly virtual workplaces. This is a thought provoking and timely study that challenges most current thought on leadership development.

This book can be found in HECSA Library:

Leading the Virtual Workforce: How Great Leaders Transfor Organizations in the 21st Century
Karen Sobel Lojeski
HD 57.7 .S6925 2010