December 10, 2009

Just Good Business

In the aftermath of Enron and other corporate scandals, this book on social responsibility within corporations is most welcome. McElhaney asserts that the need for social organizations, for-profit businesses, and government to work together for the well being and profit of everyone involved makes sense and is just good business. She lays out seven "rules of the road" that will help organizations demonstrate their responsibility, while at the same time making their customers, partners, and other stakeholders aware of their claims. These efforts which McElhaney calls branding might equally be considered organizational transparency. Her message is simple. Be honest about who you are. Be simple and consistent about what you do. And, tell your story so that you are held accountable.

This book can be found in HECSA Library:

Just Good Business: The Strategic Guide to Aligning Corporate Responsibility and Brand
Kellie A. McElhaney
HD 60 .M378 2008