August 31, 2009

Three Laws of Performance

Zaffron and Logan state that the future of individuals and businesses have already been written for them, though most are unaware of this. They state that you hopes, fears, expectations, decisions, aspirations, successes, and failures, along with the circumstances of culture and history determine the future. They assert, however, that this future can be rewritten. The first law of performance states that everyone behaves according to their own perception of situations. It is only be creating open, honest dialog that groups of people can come to a shared understanding and move forward in the same direction. The second law states that situations arise from the language that is used to describe them. To get beyond this point, we need to be clear about what is said, and to reveal what often goes unsaid. The third law is that future-based language changes the way that people think about situations. Zaffron and Logan argue that by changing the way that people talk about the future, they will not feel that the future has already been planned for them, and will be empowered to create a different future for themselves. The book goes into further depth, explaining how both individuals and leaders can implement these laws of performance to change their lives and change the direction of their companies. This is an interesting spin on the power of positive thinking.

This book can be found in HECSA Library:

The Three Laws of Performance: Rewriting the Future of Your Organization and Your Life
Steve Zaffron and Dave Logan
BF 481 .Z23 2009