August 17, 2009

Going Lean

The current economic environment has created a crisis situation among many American businesses. In spite of trying a wide variety of techniques to improve their business performance, they are still struggling from high costs of production and labor while sales languish. Ruffa suggests that businesses look to a different model to improve. He recognizes that efficient operations and innovations are only possible when business is steady and when demand is increasing. He draws on the Toyota Production model to demonstrate how companies can identify the sources of lag in their business, develop production streams that are steady and predictable, and create systems that increase customer demand and provide room for innovations in all kinds of economic conditions.

This book can be found in HECSA Library:

Going Lean: How the Best Companies Apply Lean Manufacturing Principles to Shatter Uncertainty, Drive Innovation, and Maximize Profits
Stephen A. Ruffa
HD 38.5 .R84 2008