August 13, 2009

Save Your Retirement

This book is filled with practical wisdom about planning for retirement and sound financial planning generally. It does not chastise about past financial decisions, but rather advises readers about what decisions they can make from today forward to get themselves out of debt, take advantage of investing, and save for retirement, whether that is next week or years from now. Chapters geared toward retiring one, five, ten, or more years from now offer specific strategies for investing, considering insurance, health care, estate planning, and other benefits as you plan to leave the workplace. This book will stimulate your thinking about your future regardless of how far away retirement may be for you.

This book can be found in HECSA Library:

Save Your Retirement: What to do if you haven't saved enough or if your investments were devastated by the market meltdown
Frank Armstrong, III, and Paul B. Brown
HD 7125 .A76 2009