May 7, 2008

Book Review - How

How: Why HOW We Do Anything Means Everything ... in Business (and in Life)
Dov Seidman
HF 5386 .S4159 2007

Seidman argues that it is no longer WHAT we do in our professional lives that sets us apart. Rather it is HOW we do our work that counts. Organized into four parts, Seidman's book explicates how our thoughts, behaviors, and values can be shifted to focus on how we go about our work. In the first part, Seidman highlights changes in society and our work environments that result in the shift from productivity to how we work. In part two, he focuses on how individuals think, emphasizing personal strengths and doing the "right" thing. Part three centers around how we behave, interrelate with our peers, and think about one another. Finally, he probes leadership and governance, both in the work environment and in society. This is an interesting concept that encourages everyone to be more conscious of their thoughts and behaviors, and to think about their values as much as their personal accomplishments.