May 19, 2008

Book Review - Climate Change Policy

Climate Change Policy: A Survey
edited by Stephen H. Schneider, Armin Rosencranz, and John O. Niles
QC 981.8 .C5 C511416 2002

This is a collection of essays that survey the issues surrounding climate change. The authors acknowledge that it is incomplete, but have tried to address major scientific and policy issues that are involved in the climate change debate including pollution, deforestation, energy production, industry, land use, agriculture, and population growth. A wide variety of perspectives are included here, and discussion is given to ideological differences based on scientific interpretation and value differences. The essays are organized into topical sections. First, the science of global warming is presented and its implications evaluated. Second, the economics of global climate regulation are analyzed. Third, national and international policies on issues that affect global warming are presented. Fourth, the role of forests and agriculture is discussed. Fifth, industrial development is examined and a variety of proposals for reducing greenhouse gasses are assessed based on their equity to those involved. Finally, alternative energy choices are considered. This book may be used as a textbook, but is also informative for those involved in policy decisions for those interested in environmental issues.