May 2, 2008

Book Review - Ecological Restoration

Ecological Restoration: Principles, Values and Structure of an Emerging Profession
Andre F. Clewell and James Aronson
QH 541.15 .R45 C54 2007

This book defines many of the terms and concepts in the growing field of ecological restoration. In doing so, it simultaneously takes ecological and cultural perspectives. These authors believe that ecosystems and humans are inseparable, and that it is not possible to restore an ecosystem completely or permanently without also addressing the relationship that people have with nature. They also assert that people take on ecological restoration projects because they satisfy human needs and values, whether these are focused around the environment or are dependent on social or economic importance that can be derived from nature. The book is organized into twelve chapters that read more as stand-alone essays. Between chapters, readers are taken on "virtual field trips" or photo-essays of restoration projects that illustrate various points made in the chapters. This book is intended both for general audiences and for scientists and project managers who have been working in the environmental field.