May 7, 2008

Book Review - Fundamentals of Environmental Sampling and Analysis

Fundamentals of Environmental Sampling and Analysis
Chunlong Zhang
GE 45 .S75 Z43 2007

This book is designed as a reference book and textbook for graduate students and practitioners working on environmental analysis. It discusses a wide variety of sampling methods, explaining why certain procedures should be chosen based on the contaminant or the analytical method that will be used to study it. Zhang reviews the fundamental theories and analytical methods in analytical and organic chemistry, statistics, hydrology and geology, as well as environmental science and law, placing these disciplines into the context of sampling. At the same time, he discusses a wide range of analytical techniques, delving into the science behind them and explaining the answers that each technique can provide. This background comes together in a chapter on designing sampling studies and a list of experiments that serve as case studies. This is a thorough resource for environmental scientists and engineers working in the field.