January 22, 2008

Book Review - Rivers and Floodplains

Rivers and Floodplains: Forms, Processes and Sedimentary Record
John S. Bridge
GB 1203.2 .B75 2003

Bridge uses a geological perspective in this textbook-like study of rivers and floodplains. After a quick overview of river systems and the origin of water, chapters in this book seem to follow the flow of water through the system. Bridge examines how water flows, how sediment is carried through the system, and what sorts of structures are formed once this sediment comes to rest. Half-way through this book, he turns his attention to floodplains, again contextualizing, before he details the flow of water along channels and floodplains and cross-floodplain movement mechanisms. The final two chapters take a systemic approach of river-floodplain systems, analyzing evolutionary processes within them and discussing the resulting fossil record. Detailed appendices demonstrate methods to measure and interpret the data used throughout this work. An extensive bibliography of research articles grounds this work in experimental literature and serves as a starting point for those interested in further research.