January 2, 2008

Book Review - General Walter Krueger

General Walter Krueger: Unsung Hero of the Pacific War
Kevin C. Holzimmer
U 53 .K78 H65 2007

General Walter Krueger served under Douglas MacArthur in command of the Sixth U.S. Army in the Pacific Theater. Holzimmer echos MacArthur in calling Krueger as an outstanding leader at the operational level, one not given sufficient credit by military historians. Krueger has been ignored by historians largely because he avoided the media, left no diaries or memoirs detailing his efforts, and was considered by many who served close to him as rather abrasive. Using the opinions of his contemporaries and histories written about the Sixth Army, Holzimmer shows how Krueger's early career assignments prepared him uniquely to face the tenacious and flexible Japanese. He also articulates Krueger's philosophy and style of command, placing it in the context of his contemporaries and prevailing thought during World War II.