October 29, 2007

Book Review - Talent IQ

Talent IQ: Identify your Company's Top Performers, Improve or Remove Underachievers, Books Productivity and Profit
Emmet C. Murphy
HD 38.2. M974 2007

In this book, Murphy builds on his earlier work, "Leadership IQ." He asserts that people who are talented, achievers, are those who become leaders. These individuals are developed and molded, however, not born. Murphy also asserts that the most important factor for success of an organization is filling it with talent, further developing their talent, and replacing them when necessary. This book is really intended for managers, instructing them how to identify acheivers, mentor them, and remove those who begin to undermine the organization. He stresses the importance of communication, especially to convey commitment of the manager to the subordinate and of the company to its customers, and believes that the responsibility held by achievers should assessed. Murphy also addresses several issues of group dynamics, including growing teams, managing conflict, and succession planning. These behaviors taken together are all a part of developing a culture that values both leadership and personal achievement.