October 19, 2007

Book Review - Do No Harm

Do No Harm: How Aid Can Support Peace - or War
Mary B. Anderson
HV 544.5 .A53 1999

This book is an outcome of the Local Capacities for Peace Project, a collection of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), United Nations agencies and other non-profit groups who have studied or been affected by AID. In presenting this information, Anderson first examines conflict areas today, identifying shared characteristics and evaluating the effects that external aid have had on these conflicts. She then moves on to highlight a series of case studies selected from around the world and in varying stages of conflict. These cases highlight how aid can be used in peacemaking efforts. The hope of these stories, and the work as a whole, is to provide ideas and strategies to future organizations for effective use of aid workers and funds to promote peace and deter continued conflict.