October 24, 2007

Book Review - Fish Conservation

Fish Conservation: A Guide to Understanding and Restoring Global Aquatic Biodiversity and Fishery Resources
Gene S. Helfman
SH 327.7 .H46 2007

This is first and foremost a book about conservation and ecosystem restoration. Helfman focuses his discussion on ecological problems and solutions surrounding fish, but he really uses fish as an example to more broadly discuss environmental vulnerability, animal habitat loss, and the effect of commercial exploitation on wildlife. He assumes some knowledge of fish science in writing this book, but also provides his reader with much of the necessary biological, geopolitical, and species vulnerability information early on in his work. This book is extensively referenced with a long bibliography and index at the end. Helfman points out that more than half of these resources appeared after he began his research and writing process, indicating the increasing interest in these issues, the growth of environmental concerns, and the need to begin addressing them. In some ways, this work serves as a textbook to bring these topics together, particularly those interested in water resources or species. In others, it provides a theoretical and thought process framework for anyone interested in natural resources preservation.