June 6, 2008

Book Review - Women in the Line of Fire

Women in the Line of Fire: What you should know about women in the military
Erin Solaro
UB 418 .W65 S66 2006

This book has been written to bring to light inequalities that women who serve in the military continue to face. Solaro argues that women's service experience has earned them the right of complete equality with men in the combat arms and asserts that the Army cannot function without them. She describes the final changes that must be made for equality to be achieved, both in practice and in law. In writing this book, Solaro has undertaken historical research about the percentages of women in the military, their assignments and functions, as well as casualty rates. To best understand the roles of women in todays military, she embedded herself into units serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, observing and interviewing them in order to discover the responsibilities of these women and the attitudes of their unit members toward them. This is a thought provoking book which challenges long held rules and ideas about the role of women, particularly in combat situations.