June 26, 2008

Book Review - Dealing with Your Anger

Dealing with Your Anger: Self-Help Solutions for Men
Frank Donovan
BF 575 .A5 D66 2001

Donovan offers suggestions to help men recognize the signals of anger and control anger outbursts, especially those that result in violence. He focuses on practical tools that help control and change behaviors caused by anger as well as to learn to heal emotionally. In the first part of the book, Donovan focuses on dealing with anger, particularly defining and identifying it. In the second part, he begins to examine what causes men to get angry and how to deflate some of the emotional causes. Third, he suggests ways to prevent, release and control anger responses as well as how to recognize approaching anger. Finally, he proposes healthy and productive ways to channel anger and its associated emotions. Although written as a self-help guide for men, the anecdotes and case studies that are used to illustrate the points throughout this book are equally useful for women, whether struggling with their own anger issues or seeking to understand a man in their life.