June 3, 2008

Book Review - Veteran's PTSD Handbook

The Veterans PTSD Handbook: How to File and Collect on Claims for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
John D. Roche
RC 552 .P67 R63 2007

Getting a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder is often difficult. However, Roche asserts that often the most difficult task for veterans is making the connection between PTSD and their military service. Without this connection, it is exceptionally difficult to file a successful claim for veterans benefits. Using a straightforward writing style, Roche's work walks veterans through the process of obtaining PTSD-related veterans benefits. He begins with a definition of PTSD and a discussion of why it is so complex to diagnose. He argues that the Veteran's Administration tries to avoid paying benefits in order to keep financial costs from rising and presents a case study of one veterans struggle to receive benefits to substantiate this claim. He outlines the legal process that the Veteran's Administration must follow and discusses how they evaluate claims. He explains many of the related programs and benefits and at the same time discusses the reasons why many applications are denied. Finally, he presents a series of court cases that bring to light issues related to PTSD. This is a must read for veterans and will be helpful to attorneys and medical care providers who assist them.