June 25, 2008

Book Review - The Military Family

The Military Family: A Practice Guide for Human Service Providers
ed by James A. Martin, Leora N. Rosen, and Linette R. Sparacino
UB 403 .M54 2000

This is a textbook intended for care givers who work with military families. This compilation provides background on the culture and demands of the military, and brings out issues and concerns which are specific to military families. The first section discusses the culture and conditions of military families. Special attention is given here to Guard and Reserve personnel, junior enlisted families, and the role of senior officer's spouses. The second section addresses some of the unique characteristics of military family life, particularly wartime and separation during deployment. The third section raises family advocacy issues that are particularly applicable in military families, discussing abuse issues and new parenthood. The fourth section focuses on the effects of military life on children of all ages. This is an essential guide for care giving professionals who work with military personnel. It is written in an academic, but not technical style, making it accessible to interested general readers as well.