September 15, 2010

Water: The epic struggle for wealth, power, and civilization

Praise for Steven Solomon's Water
"This sweeping history follows the twisting flow of water through human history, shaping lives over thousands of years, playing a key role in the rise and fall of civilizations, testing the skills of generations after generation, generating conflict and promoting cooperation. Steve Solomon also defines the critical challenges of water--and the need for a new thinking--for nations and peoples around the world, both for today and in the future." Daniel Yergin
This book can be found in HECSA Library:
Water: The epic struggle for wealth, power, and civilization
Steven Solomon
CB482.S65 2010

The end of Wall Street

"Drawing on 180 interviews, including sit-downs with top government officials and Wall Street CEOs, Lowenstein interweaves his analysis with searing profiles on banking CEOs such as the tribal Dick Fuld of Lehman and the bloodless Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan, of government officials from the impulsive Hank Paulson to the cerebral academic Ben Bernanke, and of a very few--notably, the mutual-fund manager Bob Rodrigues--who sounded an early warning. Pulsing with drama, the End of Wall Street is also rich in contextual wisdom." From the book cover.

This book can be found in HECSA Library:
The end of Wall Street
Roger Lowenstein
HB3743.L677 2010

Is America safe?

From the foreword: "The best way to prepare and to fight back is to first understand who the enemy is. This book provides the reader with well-researched and well documented background and detail on terrorist organizations. It starts with defining terrorism and its origins and then goes on to describe present-day organizations, where they operate from, what their philosophies entail, and what their motivations and objectives are."

This book can be found in HECSA Library:
Is America safe?: Terrorism, homeland security and emergency preparedness
Robert T. Jordan and Don Philpott
HV6432.J67 2010

Golden Gate

Praise for Golden Gate: "The loving and meticulous manner in which Kevin Starr has constructed this paean to one of the world's most admired architectural icons is everything that we have come to expect from the creator of the California Dream series, and more. This book is the ideal companion to the Bridge, magisterial in authority, intimate in detail and affectionate in tone: an entirely befitting classic."

This book can be found in HECSA Library:
Praise For Golden Gate: The life and times of America's greatest bridge
Kevin Starr
TG 25 .S225 S74 2010