July 27, 2009

Creating Vibrant Public Spaces

Where have all the pedestrian zones gone? Showing examples from numerous communities around the United States, Crankshaw illustrates how automobiles gradually infringed on urban areas, all but eliminating the "walkability" of many of them. He offers that in many places, planners are fighting to take back the pedestrian zones, creating commercial, residential, and historic districts meant for people, not for cars. He offers urban planners strategies for reclaiming buildings, sidewalks, and street areas from vehicles, and suggests ways that modern advertising, art, and other aestethiclly sensitivities contribute to a sense of welcoming and distinctiveness that bring people back to urban areas.

This book can be found in HECSA Library:

Creating Vibrant Public Spaces: Streetscape Design in Commercial and Historic Districts
Ned Crankshaw
HT 169 .U5 C73 2009