May 28, 2009

Job Description Handbook

Every job can be described. If the description is written well, it can be used to hire new employees, evaluate performance, assess company strategy and growth, and more. However, if the description is poorly written, the employee may be confused about what they are supposed to do, may be unproductive or unmotivated. The company may be using its manpower ineffectively, may be spending time pursuing things unimportant to its strategy, and may even be open to legal trouble. This book uses step-by-step processes and exercises to develop new or modify existing job descriptions. It helps managers to focus on job duties, the requirements and qualifications of candidates for that position, and how the job fits it to teams, departments, and the companies overarching strategies and goals.

This book can be found in HECSA Library:

The Job Description Handbook: Everything You Need to Write Effective Job Descriptions - and Avoid Legal Pitfalls
Margie Mader-Clark
HF 5549.5 .J613 <33 2008