August 22, 2008

Book Review - Separated by Duty, United in Love

This guide offers advice for military couples on how to deal with periods of separation. Vandevoorde describes the challenges of being apart from a loved one from a variety of perspectives. She shares her personal experiences as a former solder and as a military wife as well as relaying the reactions and comments of other servicemen and women and their spouses. As if walking a couple through the separation, Vandevoorde's book begins with the relationship challenges faced in the last few days before the military member leaves as well as the emotional stages that both partners go through during the separation. She discusses some of the biggest challenges that military famililes face during separations--communicating with one another, budgeting, taking care of children, and being tempted by infidelity. She offers time-tested approaches to overcoming these challenges as well as tips on handling careers, minor emergencies, and the wear and tear of everyday life. Like the departure, she states that the return of a loved one is also stressful for everyone in the family, and offers strategies for smoothing the transition and finding "normal" again. Finally, she discusses the strength that many military families find in religion and the support that they draw from one another, during separations as well as when loved ones do not return home. This practical book can be helpful to servicemen and women and their spouses regardless of their prior experience with being separated from one another.

This book can be found in HECSA Library:

Separated by Duty, United in Love: A Guide to Long-Distance Relationships for Military Couples
Shellie Vandevoorde
U 21.5 .V36 2006