August 22, 2008

Book Review - The Leaders We Need

This book approaches the topic of leadership from the point of view of the followers. Maccoby shows that most people follow a leader because their style and personal qualities are the right fit for a specific situation, not because the leader posesses certain traits or behavior patterns. He asserts that the paternalistic and autocratic leadership styles of the past are not appropriate for today's business demands or social culture. Instead, he suggests that successful leaders must be able to engage and interact with their followers in a collaborative, team approach. Maccoby bring not only professional training as a psychoanalyst and anthropologist to his interpretation, but uses anecdotes from health care organizations, fortune 500 companies, and government organizations to support his conclusions. This book offers an unusual perspective on and approach to the subject of leadership.

This book is available in HECSA Library:

The Leaders We Need and What Makes Us Follow
Michael Maccoby
HM 1261 .M317 2007