August 20, 2008

Book Review - Life in the Chesapeake Bay

This beautifully illustrated guide provides identification, description, and habitat information about the plants and animals that live in America's largest estuary. The guide begins with an overview of the ecology of the Chesapeake Bay and a discussion of the classifications of species that are found there. Subsequent chapters are organized by ecological regions, including sand beaches, shallow waters, wetlands, and deep open waters. Because of this organization, the interaction of individual species with each other and their role in the ecosystem emerges. Drawings, color pictures, and physical and behavioral descriptions enable individual species to be identified. This book is an important resource for scientists working in the Chesapeake region, but it would also be valuable for fishermen, birdwatchers, and other hobbyists who want to better understand the plants and animals around them.

This book can be found in HECSA Library:

Life in the Chesapeake Bay
3rd ed.
Alice Jane Lippson and Robert L. Lippson
QH 104.5 .C45 L56 2006