July 23, 2008

Book Review - Life After Deployment

This book highlights that post-deployment reunions, though a joyful time, are periods of change that may be difficult for each family member. Pavlicin offers humorous idea and survival strategies based on her own professional experience and passes along suggestions from servicemen and their families whom she interviewed. The introduction in many ways serves as the summary for the book. Pavlicin emphasizes keeping a sense of humor, allowing each family to make time for themself, communicating openly about everything, and taking time to adjust to the new situation. Other chapters focus on individual themes in post-deployment life. Three chapters address aspects of the immediate changes after coming home: the first meeting with someone who has been away, adjusting to each other's daily life routines, and dealing with the stressful situations that will arise. Other chapters discuss caring for wounded warriors and grieving for those who don't return home. The last chapter suggests strategies for moving forward with the rest of your life, including building new connections and relationships. A lengthy appendix lists books, military resources, and other organizations that provide information and support for military families or offer resources and assistance to those with anger, depression or PTSD symptoms, wounded warriors, or those suffering from grief. This is a practical guide which will give families lots of idea about places to look for support.

This book can be found in HECSA Library:

Life After Deployment: Military Families Share Reunion Stories and Advice
Karen M. Pavlicin
UB 403 .P35 2007