July 21, 2008

Book Review - George Washington on Leadeship

This innovative biography of George Washington examines the his efforts in the context of the colonial era, but discusses them in modern language. Brookheiser examines the challenges that Washington faced and brings out the personal and leadership qualities that allowed him to succeed. He factors in his military experience, political success, and financial savvy. From a modern perspective, Washington directed two start-ups--the army and the presidency--serving as CEO of both. He also chaired the most important meeting in American history--the Constitutional Convention--establishing him as a leader among leaders. Brookheiser paints Washington as a true renaissance man--a successful farmer yet an aristocrat, a clear communicator and likable as well as effective personnel manager, a practical man who could tackle the military and political problems around him yet a man with foresight about the challenges of the future. This treatment of Washington as a modern businessman will make history come alive for readers.

This book can be found in HECSA Library:

George Washington on Leadership
Richard Brookheiser
E 312.17 .B85 2008