March 4, 2008

Book Review - Endangered Species Recovery

Endangered Species Recovery: Finding the Lessons, Improving the Process
edited by Tim W. Clark, Richard P. Reading, Alice L. Clarke
QL 84.2 E55 1994

The goal of this collection of essays is to improve the processes that are used to protect and restore endangered species. Organized in four parts, the first portion of the book provides an overview of the topic focusing on the history, successes, and failures of the Endangered Species Act. The second part presents a series of case studies. These species recovery programs are analyzed to find their strengths and weaknesses, to uncover problems that have been encountered, and to find ways to improve the processes involved. The third part employs a series of theoretical perspectives, resulting in a collection of think pieces that postulate alternative approaches to addressing the challenges of species recovery. In the fourth part, the editors offer a synthesis of the ideas presented in individual chapters, beginning to forge a path forward based on lessons learned. This interesting work bridges the thinking of scientists, social scientists, and business professionals.