March 13, 2008

Book Review - 1776

David McCullough
E 208 .M396 2005

McCullough brings to life the early history of the American Revolutionary War by telling the story of the soldiers who fought. Using extensive research from both American and British archives, McCullough tells the stories of the men in the ranks. Among the American troops, this is the story of the common man, often a tradesman or farmer, who volunteered to serve in the colonial Army. In contrast, the British redcoats were professional soldiers, trained and highly disciplined. This story necessarily also examines General George Washington and two patriots, Nathanael Greene and Henry Knox, who served as his lieutenants. This book focuses on the opening battles of the Revolutionary War--the Seige of Boston, Battle of Brooklyn, and the retreat and regrouping that followed. This is not only a history, but also an example of how leadership and strategy is developed.