March 10, 2008

Book Review - Churchill and his Generals

Churchill & His Generals
Raymond Callahan
D 759 .C256 2007

In this book, Callahan reexamines the effectiveness and leadership within the British Army during World War II. Primarily trained as a policing force to serve in the colonies prior to the outbreak of war, the British Army performed poorly at the outset of the war. Callahan takes a close look at the successes and failures of numerous British field commanders. He also examines their relationship with Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who was constantly concerned about his political position and often had very differing opinions and ideas about how the war should be fought than his field commanders. This book takes Britain's war aims into account when evaluating campaign successes. Considerable attention is paid to the many and varied theaters of conflict in which British troops were engaged as well as the challenges of equiping, training, and filling the ranks from Britain's island base of operations.